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    Unlike some other clutch fitting companies, Lee Clutch technicians employ qualified technicians so this often complex task that involves extensive stripping down of engine and gear box components is carried out by a competent person and guaranteed.

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    Lee Clutch are the number one stop for all of your clutch repairs and replacement needs. We have been replacing clutches for many years and during this time we have fitted thousands of clutches and gained a competitive edge in parts supply, quality, technical fitting knowledge and speed of clutch replacement.

    This is the philosophy that still drives everything we do and it is the reason that Lee Clutch is now nationally recognised as the UK's leading clutch, brake and transmission specialist. We provide customers with the best range of value-for-money products and services by means of committed, motivated and properly trained people who believe in what they do and take pride in their work.

    Today, our range of services ensures that you can make the most of your car and our level of investment in new technology shows that we want to provide you with the best, and in some cases free, means to maintain your car.
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Identifying the Need for Clutch Repairs in Bexleyheath

If you’re a vehicle owner living or working in Bexleyheath, The Lee Clutch Centre is just fifteen minutes away. We undertake clutch repairs and clutch replacement work throughout South East London and the South of England, using quality replacement parts with full OEM compliancy. If you have concerns over your clutch or transmission system, we recommended checking for the following characteristics in your vehicle:

1 – Clutch Action

Always pay attention to how your clutch engages. Competent drivers in Bexleyheath should be able to notice the following signs quite easily and if they do, we are here to undertake the necessary clutch repairs or a full clutch replacement on your behalf:

  • The engine speed changes without any noticeable acceleration
  • There is a discernible difference in the height of the clutch pedal at the point of engagement than usual
  • There is a reduction in power when driving with heavier loads

2 – Smells

Your vehicle may need clutch repairs if you smell something similar to burning rubber beneath the bonnet. Road users in Bexleyheath are advised that burning smells could be a result of oil leaks or an electrical failure but we strongly recommend that you have your clutch inspected by our technicians as art of the troubleshooting process. Signs of smoke emitting from beneath the vehicle is also indicative of clutch damage.

3 – The Clutch Pedal

If the clutch pedal is hard to press down or if the gears are disengaging with only a slight amount of pedal movement, your vehicle may need a clutch replacement. During an inspection, we may find that the hydraulic linkages are damaged. We can undertake these clutch repairs easily and we invite vehicle owners in Bexleyheath to our workshop in Catford for a free clutch inspection.

4 – Driving Characteristics

If you need to use more acceleration to reach a certain RPM reading, it could be a sign that your vehicle needs clutch repairs. Try dropping down from 3rd gear to 2nd while driving. If the RPM doesn’t increase immediately, it’s highly likely your vehicle needs a clutch replacement. We undertake repair work for customers in Bexleyheath using the best aftermarket products sourced from our own trusted suppliers.

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At the Lee Clutch Centre, we’ve built an established reputation as the definitive one-stop shop for clutch repairs in Catford and the surrounding southeast London area.

Call our friendly team today for professional vehicle repairs in Sutton and the surrounding Surrey area.

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